A dramatic day that he will never forget

OBERON’S seniorConstable Adrian Graham has been in the NSW Police Force for a decade, butWednesday’s dramatic rescueis something he could never have contemplated.
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However, his role in helping rescue a trapped toddler from an upturned vehicle in the Macquarie River shows the dedication and commitment of the force’s serving officers.

Playing down talk of being a hero after being pictured on the front page of yesterday’s Western Advocate, the local detective told how he was making some routine inquiries in the CBD when things turned to mayhem.

“The police radio came on and said a car had gone off the bridge at Ego and that people were trapped inside,” he said.

“We were the first police on the scene and there were two people in the river next to the upturned vehicle. We learned that there could be a couple of children trapped inside it.

“It turned out they were the driver of the vehicle and apasser by who was there at the time. People were on the bank of the river frantic at what was happening while the people in the river were calling for a knife to get the child out as it was stuck by the arm.

“I managed to get a pocket knife from a farmer who was there burning willows and waded out to the vehicle and handed it to the boy’s father.

“It seemed like forever, but it took about five minutes before he was freed. The water was really cold and it was really starting to get uncomfortable out there.”

Sen Const Graham, 39, said when he heard the young fella let out a few whimpers there was a feeling of great relief.

“Thank goodness, he was still alive,” he said. “While all that was going on two other colleagues (Sen Const Kelly Gregori and Sen Const Nathan Snow-Jones) arrived and they both came into the water.

“I’d been yelling at them to get rescue and more help. I remember they’d grabbed some sort of a tarp because we thought it could help shield the water a bit. I don’t really remember exactly.

“It was all a blur. We all just reacted the best we could.”

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Sen Const Graham said that when the toddler was finally out of the vehicle the bystander who came to help carried him to the bank and into the waiting arms of the paramedics.

“He wasn’t letting go of that kiddie for anything,” he said.

“Knowing what we do today, that bloke is a true hero. I will certainly be recommending that he deserves some form of recognition.”

CALMER WATERS: Senior Constable Adrian Graham back at the Macquarie River near Eglinton yesterday. Photo: BRIAN WOOD 082312bwadrian1082312bwadrian1

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