A ‘listening council’ adds to playtime fun

A $40,000 PLAYGROUND will be built in Craigieburn after a push from residents for more play amenities.
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Hume Council decided at its meeting last week to approve development of a play space at St Andrews Drive Reserve.

Cr Drew Jessop said the development stemmed from residents’ requests.

He said the works would prove that such requests to the council were taken seriously.

“I think it reflects well on the process that was used and indeed the outcome that came of it,” he said.

“The theme, I would say, is that it’s the locals making a difference in this instance.

During the planning stages, the council sent a survey to 701 households near the reserve.

Of 39 responses, only two objected. Both expressed concern about the speed of local traffic.

Cr Jessop said a traffic investigation would be conducted to resolve any issues.

Council officers concluded that a play space was needed for the area after 2006 census data showed 90 per cent of households within a 500-metre radius of the reserve were families with children.

Thirty-one per cent of households had children under 14.