Broadmeadows health unit meets surgery targets

BROADMEADOWS Health Service (BHS) has met surgery targets, with 100 per cent of urgent surgery patients receiving operations within 30 days.

Figures from a Victorian Health Services Performance Report, released by the state government last week, show at least half of all BHS category 1 urgent elective surgery patients were treated within 11 days, well within the 30-day target.

The figures were taken from the three months to March.

Broadmeadows is on par with the rest of the state.

Health Minister David Davis said all of the state’s hospitals had met the 30-day target of treating the category 1 urgent elective surgery patients.

“Our hospitals continue to provide surgery to more urgent patients,” he said, adding that 10,861 category 1 patients in the state had had surgery in the March quarter within the benchmark 30 days – 600 more than in the same period last year.

In Broadmeadows, 70 per cent of category 2, semi-urgent elective surgery patients had their operations within 90 days in the quarter, exceeding the state average of 66 per cent.

Ninety-nine per cent of category 3 non-urgent elective surgery patients in Broadmeadows had operations within 365 days in the quarter, compared with the state target of 90 per cent.