Dogs win new spaces to frolic

New parks: Heidi and Banjo take Cathy James and Barbara Lloyd for a run at Boardman Reserve. Picture Matthew FurneauxHUME Council hopes a $300,000 grant for ‘dog parks’ in Craigieburn and Sunbury will help prevent vicious dog attacks.
Nanjing Night Net

At last week’s meeting, councillors voted to create dog parks within Craigieburn Gardens and Sunbury Park, with work to start in the 2013-14 financial year.

Cr Adem Atmaca said the parks could help curb dog attacks.

“We’ve seen a lot of attacks and unfortunately some fatalities. This will hopefully alleviate some of those,” he said.

“There will be closed enclosures where people will take their dogs, have them run around and train them.”

Cr Drew Jessop said it was a win for dogs and owners.

“Clearly we have a large number of dog owners. We have some off-leash areas, but this [will be] an area where we can get proper control, proper safety.”

Sunbury District Dog Obedience Club’s Cathy James said the club was surprised the council had agreed to the dog parks.

“They got in touch with us to seek our interest and opinions and asked if we would support it.

“We were all for it. How can you not, as it’s similar to having parks for kids – but instead dogs.”

She said the park would allow dogs to be active in a natural environment.

“Everything in the park will be in a natural setting … sandpits, hills and big pipes and wooden things which will be permanently in the ground.”

Ms James said the parks would provide an option for people who don’t like walking their dogs.

“It encourages people to take their dog to the park. You don’t have to walk it; the dog can be having a good time and the owners don’t have to exert themselves.”