EDFL, police probe umpire/player assault claims

MORELAND police are investigating an incident between a goal umpire and player in an under-16 match on Sunday after receiving an official complaint from the player.
Nanjing Night Net

EDFL general manager Marc Turri said the league was also looking into reports that a goal umpire from Keilor Park assaulted an Oak Park player.

‘‘We aren’t happy that any official is accused of something like this,’’ Turri said.

‘‘We are investigating the incident and will have meetings during the week to discuss the matter.’’

Turri said the player did not sustain any major injuries.

‘‘We will assist police with all inquiries,’’ he said.

Turri said the official involved was umpiring his first match.

‘‘It was the first game that he had been involved with for the [Keilor Park Football] club and hadn’t been associated with them before.

‘‘He was watching his brother and volunteered to umpire the game.’’

Turri said the game was called off after the incident.

He said the league did not want incidents like this to happen.

‘‘We’ve been more worried about the health and well-being of the player at this point.

‘‘We will investigate the matter, then come to a decision.’’

Oak Park president Jeff Lowerson said the club would not comment on the incident.

The Keilor Park Football Club was unable to be reached for comment.