Explosive find in Dallas, Roxburgh Park as police storm crime families’ homes

Explosives have been seized from a house in Melbourne’s north-western suburbs after raids targeting Lebanese crime families, investigators say.
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Police stormed three properties in Dallas and Roxburgh Park early this morning, prompted by a spate of recent gun crime.

A house in Bena Court, Dallas, was found to contain explosives – believed to be a quantity of gelignite – and a ballistic vest.

Another property in the same suburb contained a small amount of steroids, while a sawn-off shotgun was seized from a Roxburgh Park address.

A 22-year-old man was arrested at Bena Court, while another man in his early 20s was arrested at the second Dallas property.

Detective Sergeant Maurie Ryan from the Santiago Taskforce said the raids targeted Lebanese crime families and police were particularly concerned about the discovery of explosives. They were found in the bedroom of the home where five women lived.

He said and forensic tests would determine whether the explosives were gelignite as suspected.

Police were not met with resistance during the operation.

– Nino Bucci/The Age

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