Gonski rivals Santa in Craigieburn

Going Gonski: Grade1 pupil James with Evan Hughes, Glenn Lancaster and Angelo Gavrielatos. Picture: Darren HoweWILMOTT Park Primary School in Craigieburn could receive almost $880,000 if the federal government introduces recommendations from the Gonski Review for school funding.

Australian Education Union federal president Angelo Gavrielatos visited the school on Wednesday to discuss with teachers and parents advantages the funding could create.

His visit was part of an ‘I give a Gonski’ campaign to have the review’s recommendations adopted by the government this year.

The government commissioned the Gonski Review to investigate how public and private schools are funded in Australia.

The final report, released in February, found that Australia is investing too little in education, especially in public schools.

Mr Gavrielatos said extra funding at Wilmott Park Primary School could be used to employ up to eight more teachers.

The school would receive $877,500 in additional annual funding, based on $1500 per student.

“The ongoing funding would be for the employment of additional teachers and support staff,” he said.

“This would help run more programs such as extension, literacy and numeracy programs and would help make class sizes smaller.

“It was a good meeting with the school and a good chat with teaching staff, parents and the school council.”

Mr Gavrielatos said the current funding system ends next year, meaning the government would need to introduce legislation this year in time for the 2014 school year.

Wilmott Park Primary School principal Evan Hughes said the school’s 35 teachers and 550 students would benefit from extra funding.

“We structure our whole workforce around the funding we have. Sometimes it works but quite often it doesn’t because we can’t provide all the resources for kids,” he said.

“This would mean smaller class sizes and better facilities.”