Hume councillorloses licence

A HUME councillor has lost her licence after being caught drink-driving in late April.
Nanjing Night Net

Cr Ann Potter (pictured) last week confirmed that she had been pulled over by police and her licence had been suspended after she recorded a blood-alcohol reading of 0.058.

Cr Potter told the Weekly that the incident occurred after she received a phone call from her daughter who was in distress following an allergic reaction. (She suffers from life-threatening allergies.)

“I did what any parent would do and jumped in my car to go and pick her up.

“On my way there, I was stopped by the police and they requested a breath test. The recorded reading was just above the limit [0.058] and I have received a licence suspension.”

Cr Potter said she had made an error of judgment.

“On the evening I wasn’t expecting to drive and I accept responsibility for my actions and apologise profusely for this indiscretion.

“While I am not making excuses, the circumstances surrounding the alleged incident do need to be taken into account.”

She said the incident wouldn’t affect her work as a councillor.

“The alleged incident happened on a Saturday night in my private time, and this incident has not interfered in me carrying out my council duties as required, nor will it into the future.”

Spokesman Michael Sinclair said the council would not make any comment.