Like your park? So why not adopt it

Clean-up time: Gracie, a Broadmeadows Special Development School student, collects waste at her local park. Picture: Darren HoweBROADMEADOWS Special Development School is taking Broadmeadows Valley Park under its wing.

The school has taken advantage of a Hume Council initiative under which community groups can have their green and tidy work known to the region simply by adopting a park.

The council then rewards the group with a sign, erected at the park’s entrance, indicating the ‘adoption’.

The groups are asked to report to the council any damage, graffiti or illegal dumping at their respective parks.

They receive a clean-up kit to remove small amounts of graffiti and gain access to a graffiti trailer for larger clean-ups.

To adopt a park, contact the council’s waste and litter education officer on 92052200.