Play the macarena

Musical holidays: Jon Madin will bring his quirky instruments to the Knox Community Arts Centre these school holidays.CELLOS that echo, bicycles that play music and a 1.8-metre-long xylophone lookalike are all part of Jon Madin’s musical workshop next Tuesday.
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The school holiday program will be held at Knox Community Arts Centre and participants don’t need to have any musical talent.

“It’s about having fun. A lot of people think that when you play music it’s about getting it right,” Madin says. “But there’s no getting it wrong in this class.”

The musical guru will bring along some of his echo cellos, marimbas and other unusual instruments. Children will play the marimbas in groups of three and the musical notes are written on the keys. There will be popular songs like We Will Rock You and Macarena to play, plus some of his quirky, original tunes.

Many children, and even adults, who come along to the workshop fall in love with music, Madin says. “They’re often inspired to take up a musical instrument after the class because they have so much fun.”

If you’re intrigued by what it’s all about, type Madin’s name into YouTube and take a look at his videos.

During the school holidays, KCAC is also hosting a workshop called Go Loopy at which children can create their own digital music.

Digital Learning Hub manager Peter Wakefield says children will enter the “travelling lab” and choose their own style, like hip-hop or classical, then select, layer and manipulate loops at different speeds to create a song.

Adults are also encouraged to join in. Wakefield says he often sees families working together to make the big musical decisions.

The marimba workshop is at KCAC next Tuesday, with hour-long sessions at 9.30am, 11am and 1pm. The Go Loopy workshop is at KCAC on Thursday, April 12 with the same session times available. Details: